Hybrid + Hygiene = HY2

What is Hy2?

Following the guidelines of the Thai Safety and Health Administration, BIC Event launched its new campaign of Hy2 with a strong determination to provide complete business operational solutions for our patrons and ensure complete end-to-end support to promote the smooth running of organizations adapting to the new normal.

What does Hy2 Offer?

With over 2 decades of operational experience as one of the leading event management companies of South East Asia, BIC Event came up with its new campaign of Hy2 that offers a unique combination of services that can help to enhance the trust and confidence of individuals operating their organizations during the time of a world-wide health and hygiene crisis thus promoting sustainability and growth.

Our products include –

Live Streaming, Sanitation, LED Display, Thermal Camera

How Hy2 can help you?

With our proven experience and excellent track record of recognition inside the Event Industry of Thailand, the team of BIC Event brainstormed to bring in the technologies that were successfully used in previous offline events and combinedly modify them according to the current situation in order to provide smart and easy solutions for our patrons that have always trusted us. With our new campaign of Hy2, we believe to contribute towards the promotion of organizational well-being of our clients and partners and support each other to promote growth during the time of turmoil.